Julia Schwartz



In November 2016 I was awarded the Foundation Prize in 2D art from Peripheral Vision Arts, and was interviewed by the director Scott Gleeson. This is a terrific organization which does a lot to foster the careers of women artists; I am really appreciative of their support.








Check out Fabrik 27's Fresh Faces in Art, "8 artists you should know." I am happy to be sharing the honor with so many talented artists.  Thanks to Max Presneill, Kio Griffith, and Colton Stenk of Artra Curatorial!





I was invited to be part of Sean Montgomery's 20 Questions series for Ithaca MOMA






'SECOND FAMILY' is an expansion of, and cousin to, our recent 'Family Style' artist-run exhibition, fostering community and camaraderie. We hope to see you for this gathering of new friends, past loves, and a family reunion of sorts. It's a Family Love Affair, the sequel!
On view for ONE WEEK ONLY.....

Family Style Collective
2 Rivington Street (btwn Bowery/Chrystie)
LES, NYC 10002
Opening Reception: Wednesday September 24, 6-9pm
On view Thursday - Sunday, 12-6pm, through September 28
Closing Party: Sunday September 28, 3-6pm

Liz Ainslie, Julie Alexander, Meg Atkinson, Polina Barskaya, Emily Berger, Kristen Biles, Caetlynn Juniper Booth, Melissa Capasso, Susan Carr, Jake Cartwright, Maanik Singh Chauhan, Lauren Collings, Jonathan Cowan, William Crump, Terry Ekasala, Georgia Elrod, Sessa Englund, Ryan Michael Ford, MaDora Frey, Barbara Friedman, Justine Frischmann, Daniel John Gadd, Kyle Gallup, Enrico Gomez, Rachael Gorchov, Julie S. Graham, Alexis Granwell, Fred Gutzeit, Elizabeth Gourlay, Levi Haske, Jay Henderson, Robert Hickman, Pete Hust, Will Hutnick, John Kesling, Wendy Klemperer, Barbara Laube, William Lawler, Geddes Levenson, JJ Manford, Eric Mavko, Leeza Meksin, Joan Mellon, David T Miller, Katherine Mojzsis, Christopher Moss, Seth Mulvey, Helen O'Leary, Fran O'Neill, Jamie Powell, Allie Rex, Diane Dwyer, Elizabeth Riley, Russell Roberts, Christopher Rose, Anne Russinof, Cecilia Salama, Julia Schwartz, Vicki Sher, Polly Shindler, Karen Schiff, Greg Singer, Marian Brunn Smith, Elisa Soliven, Melissa Staiger, Maxwell Stevens, Christina Tenaglia, Polixeni Theodorou, Claudia Tienan, Patrick Todd, Jill Vasileff, Kati Vilim, Zak Vreeland, Albert Weaver, Suhee Wooh and Becky Yazdan.

Curated by Julie Torres





Klowden Mann is pleased to announce Thanks for the Mammaries, Los Angeles-based artist and provocateur Bettina Hubby's unique exhibition of boob-themed art, including over 100 artists who have come together to support Hubby in the face of her recent diagnosis with breast cancer, presented at ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. from July 31st–August 18th. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, July 31st from 7-9pm and will include a live auction of artworks benefiting The Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center. Entertainment will be provided by Janet Klein and Tom Marion.



Curated by Bryan Ricci


Featuring: Sara Bright, Allison Peck, Srijon Chowdhury, Lisa Oxley, Alec Egan, Marcus Perez, Julia Schwartz, Chris Tallon, Bryan Ricci


June 6 to July 13, 2014 by appointment only

Opens Saturday, June 6, 6:30pm to 9:30pm


JAUS is very pleased to present Not-Knowing, a group exhibition featuring 9 artists working from Sourthern California who work mostly in painting or sculpture.


The idea of not-knowing in painting has multiple meanings and is of great interest when viewing and making work. We are trained to seek out answers from a young age. Being well into the Information Age, answers and knowledge are evermore accelerated. In most areas in life, we have access to answers to questions we might have at our fingertips. Art can be one of the areas where not-knowing is crucial and it can be an uncomfortable thing. When viewing art people sometimes attach narratives, project their own associations and are not able to accept meaning beyond the image. The idea of not-knowing in art relies on intuition. Intuition is understanding without the need for conscious reasoning. The artist’s included in this exhibition employ color theory, emphasize the “hand”, prioritize the surface, negotiate absence as presence, and explore alchemy in their work. These investigations lead to possibilities beyond the conceptual.


The works in this exhibition were selected based on the notion that an artwork is not limited to a concept, and that the act of seeing, and non-verbal, non-linguistic communication is an equally vital component of experiencing the art object. This exhibition champions the idea that intuition should not be taken lightly, in making or in looking, that it is inventive, a hidden language, and an emotional logic which is comfortable with not knowing.





10 Exhibitions Under One Roof, Featuring 40+ Bushwick Artists. Curated by 10 Visiting Artists from across the US.
BOS 2014, May 30 - June 1
Hours: Saturday May 31 and Sunday June 1, 12 - 7 PM
Location: 195 Morgan Ave (Formerly 3rd Ward) 
Directions: L train to Morgan Ave 
Friday, 30 May, 2014 , 6:00 pm to 10:00 PM
Place Made Visible, curated by Julia Schwartz featuring Ashley Garrett, Becky Sheldon Yazdan, Brian Wood, Clinton King, Farrell Brickhouse, and Vicki Sher
DIY curated by Julie Torres, featuring Julie Alexander, Brian Cypher, Brian Edmonds, Justine Frischmann, David T Miller, Sean Montgomery, Melanie Parke, Julia Schwartz, Peter Shear and Ian White Williams.
(image: from top left, Brian Cypher, Ian White Williams, Julia Schwartz, Julie Alexander)