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Art depicts my situation- the geographic, the emotional, the existential, the state of the world- and how I make sense of it. These days that means trying to make sense of the senselessness of the everyday world and its outsized ‘seismic disasters’ including personal loss and grief as well as profound political and cultural fragmentation.

I have always liked Keats’ idea of “negative capability;” this is quite compatible with being essentially self-taught, although my colleagues remind me that all of us are always learning on the job. Still, without benefit or burden of formal “technique” in art-making, I am comfortable with doubt, uncertainty, the freedom to explore materials and methods, and an infinite freedom to fail.

julia schwartz

Julia Schwartz is an artist working in Santa Monica. She has exhibited nationally and internationally; recent shows include “tenderly cradled and lavishly flung” at Visitor Welcome Center and “Big Show” at LABspace in Hudson NY. Curatorial projects include "States of Being” at the Torrance Art Museum (2015) and "Black Mirror" at Charlie James Gallery (2017). Schwartz received the Foundation Prize for Painting from Peripheral Vision Arts in 2016. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including New American Paintings, Fabrik, Huffington Post, and The New York Times.